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Barcode Integration

Barcode Module is one of the most notable features of RicohDocs that helps make the software all the more advanced. The major benefit of an office automation platform with a barcode reader is that it enables quick search − you can find any document on the go. Quite obviously, it is way more efficient than the manual process, of which human error is an obvious part.

  • It's a module that is used for reading printed bar code of scanned documents.

  • The main advantage of using an office automation tool with an advanced feature like Barcode Module is that it helps you search a particular document with ease.

  • It also helps keep track of all the actions, performed on a particular document.

  • Every generated barcode has a unique mark or symbol and therefore, each document with a barcode has a unique identity.

  • Most importantly, the Barcode Module helps cut the operational costs to a great extent.

  • Equipped with the Barcode Module, RicohDocs can ensure improved ROI (Return on Investment) within a short period of time.

Barcode Module feature

The Barcode Module feature is a customizable feature of RicohDocs, and one can opt for this feature, based on the exact business requirements.

  • It's considered to be extremely useful for large scale store management.

  • In case, there are heaps of documents, need to be managed in an organized way, and each of the documents contain information about a particular product, the Barcode Module can come in extremely handy.

Process of Barcode Generation

The process of barcode generation is a two way process.

  • If a document comes with a barcode, RicohDocs will scan it and save it with the relevant document for future references.

  • If a document doesn't have a barcode, RicohDocs can generate a barcode for the scanned document.

However, one can simply scan the barcode and get all the details about the related document. Both 1D and 2D barcodes can be generated using RicohDocs.

It is quite easy to implement and use the Barcode Module. It doesn't require any technical knowledge or special training in order to understand the function of the Barcode Module, and it can also be learnt quickly.

For any organization, where heaps of documents are in use, an office automation tool with a Barcode Module can prove to be of immense help. It provides a lot of stability to the entire work process and makes all the data easily accessible to the employees.

What are the benefits of using a barcode module?

Using MS office for performing the everyday tasks is a common practice in most business organizations. Quite naturally, you need to keep a lot of folders and sub folders to keep all those documents neatly organized. But have you ever wondered what if the hard disk of the system, in which you store all the files, crashes down? All your files will be completely lost, without any means to get a backup of those. This is why it's important to keep an online back up of each and every file that you work upon so that you can get an option to retrieve the data. RicohDocs' MS Office integration is an advanced state of the art feature that has been exclusively designed to enhance the ease of working with different documents.

Reduces employee training hours

Although initially it might take some time to make your employees understand the different features of the module, later on, the requirement of recurring training would be reduced to a great extent. Once the employees are aware of all the intricate features of the software, they will be able to utilize it in the best possible way.

Eliminates the possibility of human error

While handling plenty of documents and entering data manually, there are high chances of committing errors. While you depend on a barcode module, the chances of human error becomes almost nil. The process of barcode scanning is extremely reliable and fast, as compared to the manual process.

Barcodes are versatile

One of the key benefits of using a barcode module within an office automation software is that these are extremely versatile in nature. Basically, these can be used for different types of document scanning projects. The process can include different factors in the layers of scanning and filing. Moreover, it also enables the users to complete the process of scanning with great accuracy and speed.

Barcodes are inexpensive to print and use

Since cutting the operational cost of the business environment is the ultimate objective of every business owner, using a barcode module seems to be a feasible decision for most organizations. Usually barcodes cost only a few penny, irrespective of their usage or the purpose for which they have been generated. Barcodes can also be customized economically, in different finishes.

Ensures rapid data availability

Since the key task of a barcode module is to scan a document and file the information, based on its category, it makes the data ready to be reviewed instantly. The fast turnaround time ensures no time is lost during the process of data retrieval or data entry.

Barcodes provide improved data

Since a single barcode can be used for multiple files, the required data can be obtained both in specific and generic files. One of the major benefits of this type of module is that these can be customized to contain other information that is relevant, as and when needed. This ensures fast and reliable data availability for a wide variety of business environments and applications.

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