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Notable Features

Content search is one of the most notable features of Ricohdocs, a state of the art office automation platform. It ensures instant document retrieval and search by using methods like full-text indexing. This makes the search of all types of documents possible, including the scanned paper documents.

By ensuring easy and advanced content search, RicohDocs helps employees save time to a great extent:

  • Usually, while searching for a particular piece of information, the employees have to spend hours.

  • An advanced tool like RicohDocs helps find a document with just a few clicks.

Customers Satisfaction

It has been proved time and again through studies that customers are way more satisfied when they get the document related answers instantly, or within just few seconds. This is where an office automation platform like Ricohdocs helps one best.

  • There are times, when important business decisions need to be made by referring to a number of documents. If all the necessary documents are ready at hand, more accurate decisions can be made.

  • A tool like RicohDocs also helps minimize the risk of losing or misplacing important documents. Content search is an advanced feature of RicohDocs which enables the users to retrieve documents based on the actual contents.

Completely Searchable

With the help of content search, all the documents can be made completely searchable.

  • The content of faxes, emails and scanned paper documents can be made completely text searchable.

  • With the help of OCR or optical character recognition technology, image based faxes and scans can be made searchable.

  • Full text search is possible on scanned image documents, faxes, emails and Microsoft office documents.

  • This enables the users to search for documents by version, metadata and content.

  • The users can save the document searches for repeatable document retrieval.

  • The search options include advanced searching, standard searching, document searching and customized searching.

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