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Sky is the limit for RicohDocs as far as customizations are concerned! If you can imagine it, we can develop it!

Customization & Development

With many 'out of the box' features that a document management system can offer, RicohDocs comes with fully customizable features to help its customers solve business problems that are unique to their industry.

  • Security Customization −File-level, user level and folder-level security protocols are fully customizable as per your organizational needs. This three-tier security system ensures added security for all the mission critical data.

  • Workflow Customization −A good electronic document management system is one that comes with easy to use business process workflows. With RicohDocs, you get the power of easy to configure, drag & drop workflows. There is no need to depend on the developers for creating or reengineering workflows. Create and implement complex workflows in minutes, and run all the business operations smoothly. To know more, watch a Demo Video

  • Scheduler Customization − With a very rich graphical user interface and easy to use tools, RicohDocs comes with a fully customizable scheduler application to suit the needs of your business. With this scheduler you can set reminders and all the tasks that you need to complete in a timely fashion. You can also generate meetings for the users.

  • Configuration Customization − With a full range of customizable settings & configuration features, RicohDocs gives you the power to manage your documents like never before. Using an advanced DMS like RicohDocs, you can deliver customized meta data. Moreover, all the file formats, which are in use, are customizable. You can also either enable or disable the barcode, as and when needed.

  • Integration with External Applications −RicohDocs gives you the freedom to integrate the DMS with your existing back office applications such as, email server, ERP, CRM and CMS etc. This ensures whichever applications you are using or operational models you are following, you can easily integrate RicohDocs with all the existing application.

  • OCR Customization −Since RicohDocs is equipped with an advanced technology like optical character recognition, we offer it as a customizable feature. If you think advanced search methods like content search would be relevant for your business, you can opt for OCR. Since the entire document is indexed in this method, you can easily find a document.

  • Barcode Generation −RicohDocs also offers advanced features like Barcode generation. You can scan a barcode and get all the details of the respective document. It's a two-way process in which, you can either generate a barcode for the scanned documents or you can scan a barcode and save it with the relevant document for future references.

  • Email Management −Email management is one of the most remarkable customizable features of RicohDocs. Since it's quite important to manage emails in the present scenario, RicohDocs helps you streamline the different office processes and ensures fast and smooth business operations.

  • SMS Integration −This is a useful feature of RicohDocs which is absolutely customizable. If you want your users to receive notifications on the go, whenever you upload a new document or make some changes to an existing one, you can integrate this feature. This also helps you log in through OTP or one time password.

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