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Dashboard is one of the most notable features of RicohDocs, which is a state of the art office automation platform. It's a simple shortcut to the entire software and it features multiple widgets. Through these widgets the users can access the different documents quickly and they can also check the status of the documents. Some of the most popular widgets are −

  • Recently added documents − Through this widget, the users can check the documents that have been recently added. This lets the users know which documents have been added most recently and they can view those accordingly.

  • Checked out and checked in documents − This widget shows the documents in which any of the users have checked out or checked in. This helps the other users take actions accordingly.

  • Calendar widget − With the help of this widget, the users can access the calendar. If any of the dates has been marked with a particular event, the users can see it right from the calendar widget.

  • Favourite folder widget − This is a widget in which all the favourite folders, marked by the users, are contained. With the help of this widget the users can easily navigate to the selected folder.

  • Favourite document widget − Just as the name suggests, in this folder the list of all the favourite documents is displayed. The users can access their favourite documents instantly from this widget.

Dashboard is one of the most effective features of RicohDocs that help improve all the business processes.

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