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Data Security

Keeping the business documents secure is crucial for organizations as this is what helps them stay ahead of their competitors as well as run all the business operations smoothly. Keeping this in mind, RicohDocs, a leading office automation platform, has been designed in a way so that it helps keep all the documents absolutely secure. Data security is one of the most important features of RicohDocs that ensures all your mission critical data will remain completely safe.

Three Level Security

Data security is a feature of RicohDocs that ensures three level of security −

  • All the documents are kept secure following a three tier security model − file level, folder level and user level.

  • With this advanced level of security, all the users can rest assured of the fact that their mission critical data will remain completely safe against all kinds of odds.

Security Access

RicohDocs offers access security for all the documents that are saved in it. −

  • This ensures the users will need the permission of the administrator in order to access a particular document.

  • This helps prevent any kind of unauthorized access of the documents.

  • This also ensures that the users can't make random changes to a certain document unless and until he is permitted to do the same.

Security Features

RicohDocs' data security feature also offers security for a group of users. −

  • There are times, when a single document needs to be accessed by a group of users. In situations like these, a group of users can be created and the access security can be given to all of them at once.

  • This eliminates the need to give security access to all the users individually.

  • It helps save a lot of time and effort of the administrator.

Storage Security

RicohDocs also provides the users with end to end storage security solutions. −

  • All the documents are stored in the software for a certain period of time.

  • This software follows the process of two level of deletion. This means even if a user deletes a particular document, it waits for the approval from the administrator. Only after the administrator approves the deletion, the document will be deleted.

  • Even after the administrator deletes a document, it is kept in the recycle bin.

This ensures in case one needs to access the information of the deleted documents, he will be able to retrieve it from the recycle bin and access the information.

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