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Handle documents electronically so that information can be created, shared, organized, stored and retrieved efficiently and appropriately.

Electronic Documentation

Does the very idea of losing your documents gives you Goosebumps? What if your documents get destroyed due to Fire, Flood or Vandalism? Even if there is no fire or flood, but due to Time, Temperature and Humidity the Paper becomes so fragile that it gets torn off when used. Are you at a loss because of the alarming rate at which Files seem to be taking over your entire office space?

For every office, however big or small it may be, there is one common pain; Managing the Documents. Did it ever happen that you couldn't find the required file before an important meeting? Or, your precious files and documents which were stored in a storage house got damaged due to water seepage, temperature or got infested by rodents! In this day and age, where information is of prime importance, managing the very root of information (the documents) becomes a task of high priority.

In this era of technology driven management, why would you want to physically store and manage your documents and then lose sleep over it? Implementing RicohDocs can be your one stop solution to all these existing woes.

RicohDocs is a smart and intuitive Document Management System that can be used to store, share, add, delete and manage all your existing documents in an electronic form. It supports all the major prevalent file formats and managing your documents was never so easy.

RicohDocs supports advanced content based searching mechanism. Use meta tags and indices to effectively search your documents instead of spending hours and hours on old record rooms behind heaps and heaps of physical documents.

The merits of Electronic Documentation are countless. However, some of them have been listed below:

  • Save up time, money and resources since you don't require physical storage of the documents anymore or a storekeeper to manage them!

  • Searching of documents is far easier and less time consuming. All you need to do is log into RicohDocs and search for the requisite documents.

  • Increased security of documents.