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One of the best features of RicohDocs is that it's available in SaaS module. It's a state of the art office automation platform that ensures smooth business processes. The term SaaS refers to Software as a Service, which is a software delivery model. In this model, RicohDocs is licensed on a subscription basis and it is centrally hosted. Since SaaS is considered to be quite a beneficial and common delivery model for most users, RicohDocs is offered in this model.

In this method, users can access RicohDocs and all its functions from a remote location. As the software is hosted remotely, the users don't need to invest in any kind of additional hardware. As RicohDocs is available in SaaS module, it ensures automatic patch management, updates and easy administration. Moreover, all the users will have the same version of software at the same point of time. It also ensures global accessibility and easier collaboration.

In the SaaS module of RicohDocs, the users can open and preview all the documents. They can also format a document and make some changes in those. Once the changes are made, the users can simply save those and all the changes will automatically get saved over the web. This eliminates the need to save the changes in the documents separately. This, in turn, helps improve the different business processes.

Hosted Document Management

With RicohDocs, you can experience productivity and technological advancements from anywhere in the Ricoh Cloud.

RicohDocs is an innovative document management software that has been built for the web and it also delivers deployment choice. Customers can either choose to install RicohDocs 'On Premise' using their own hardware or use Ricoh's hosted services, instead.

RicohDocs in the cloud is a fully managed SaaS (Software as a Service) offering that helps organizations manage their content securely on any device, anywhere in the world.

RicohDocs is a cloud-based enterprise document management solution. It provides complete flexibility when it comes to licensing & scalability. This means if you need to add or decrease user licenses, expand storage, or add new features, you can easily do that whenever required.

Benefits of a Cloud-based Document Management Application:

  • Wide web access − RicohDocs allows you to store documents on any device, anytime, and anywhere. As you store documents in the cloud, you can easily locate & access a file within seconds, irrespective of the device you are using. This ensures improved service & increased customer satisfaction.

  • Reduced infrastructure costs − Setting up your own infrastructure turns out to be expensive as you need to spend a lot on the hardware, servers, employee training & consultant fees. Moreover, it also takes a lot of time to plan the entire agenda and implement the same. When you opt for RicohDocs' cloud-based services, no infrastructure is required at your end. This helps cut the operational costs to a great extent. Moreover, it also allows you to be up and running in a short span of 60 minutes!

  • Better collaboration − Mailing back & forth the different versions of the same document leads to muddling up of files. With RicohDocs, making amendments in files is very simple as the system saves each version of the file and ensures that the next editor works with the most up-to-date file.

  • Improved productivity − RicohDocs, being a cloud-based document management system, helps make your employees more productive by reducing the time that they have to otherwise spend for searching for a piece of information. They can concentrate on the core business issues during the saved time, and this, in turn, helps them make better decisions.

  • Improved security − Storing critical content with an 'On-Premise' document management software can lead to complete data loss in case of natural disasters, network breaches or hardware failures. On the other hand, storing critical content in a cloud-based document management system like RicohDocs ensures high level of security. A three-tier model of security helps keep all your documents absolutely safe and secure.

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