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Hot Folder is an exclusive feature of RicohDocs which is an advanced office automation system. This is a state of the office automation tool that helps organize all the business processes. Document management is one of the key features of RicohDocs and this allows one to keep all the business documents in a central repository.

Hot Folder is one of the many key extensions of RicohDocs.

  • The term refers to a local folder in the system, which is synchronized to a folder in the cloud.

  • This is a unique desktop application which lets you work smoothly.

  • Even when you are working offline, you can simply keep all the files gathered in the local folder.

  • When you reconnect the internet, all those documents get automatically synced to the folder in cloud, and removed from the Hot Folder.

  • In case the documents have not been transferred from the Hot Folder to the folder in cloud, all those documents remain in the Hot Folder so that the users can smoothly access those.

  • If needed, e-mail integration can be incorporated so that the notifications about the same can be sent to the administrator.

Currently, the process of document transfer is a one way process. This means the documents can be sent from the Hot Folder to the folder in the cloud. This is referred to as one way synchronization or uni-synchronization.

Another interesting feature of RicohDocs Hot Folder is that it allows to start and pause the process of syncing documents deliberately. This is significantly helpful when you need to attach an important document to a bunch of documents. This might prove to be helpful, especially if the information which the lastly added document contains, contributes to the completion of the entire process.

What is a hot folder?

A hot folder is basically a folder which is associated with a set of setting and functions that are registered as programs. When a user places a document in the hot folder, it will cause the related program to run and output the document. Quite obviously, this output is created without any human intervention.

A hot folder is designed to assist the process of installation with automated data processing. It basically monitors a folder that is located in the server. It matches any new files that is found in the folder to match the configurations, and then queues those files to be processed, based on the configured settings.

What are the benefits of using a hot folder?

  • A hot folder helps categorize all the organizational documents. These are completely full-text indexed and versioned documents, without any kind of human intervention.

  • The users will be able to search all the documents and view those from the browser.

  • Professionals, who don't have vast technical knowledge, will also be able to handle a hot folder without any difficulty.

  • It ensures all the business processes are streamlined, which leads to improved quality of services.

What is the basic function of a hot folder?

A hot folder, which is also referred to as a watch folder, is a real or virtual directory that is created for applications to put data in and take data from it in real time. Usually all types of content management, data capture and imaging applications support these types of folders.

The utilities of a hot folder is quite varied. For instance, when an image capture application scans documents, the users can store these in a directory. The data capture applications can read the images automatically and as soon as the scanned copies appear in the directory, these get processed. The captured information and the OCR results can be exported to another directory automatically and from this a content management application can automatically pick up the data. A hot folder is widely used for moving files from one application to another.

A hot folder provides a monitoring system and an API using which customized processes can be created, based on the exact requirements. However, it should be remembered that a hot folder system is not something like a turn-key solution, and hence, it's essential to put in some time for development during the process of automation. With the help of a hot folder, the user can use a FTP drop off for manipulating files, automating the different processes and driving data into a website.

A hot folder can be installed on any operating system with absolute ease. The folder is synced with a repository in which all the documents are archived and stored. Users are able to check the updates in the local folders. When the documents and records are imported from an office automation software or a document management software, those can be easily versioned, searched for and shared with all the users with absolute ease. The users can also automate the different business processes. Moreover, the tasks that the team of professional completes, can also be synchronized using a hot folder.

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