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RicohDocs is a state of the art office automation software that enables the business owners to automate the different processes. Basically it helps scan all types of documents, convert those into electronic files and store all of those in a central repository. This ensures all the documents can be accessed with ease, whenever needed. There are times when a single function gets delayed due to lack of an exact information. This is where advanced office automation software like RicohDocs proves to be smart solution. Document management is an integral aspect of RicohDocs and this ensures all the documents are kept in a particular order.

RicohDocs is equipped with multiple advanced feature that enhance the ease of work and enable organizations to continue with their business ventures without any hassle. Some of the most important features of RicohDocs that make the software all the more user friendly, are −

PMProfiling and metadata
VCVersion control
CSContent search
MSMeta data search
DSDocument searching
DPDocument previewer
DSData security
ADActive directory
RMRecords management

Keeping the wide popularity of mobile applications in mind, a mobile application for RicohDocs has been designed, both for Android and iOS platform. The mobile application of RicohDocs are equipped with varied features that make the application all the more helpful for the users. The application has been designed in a way so that the features of the software are directly synchronized with the web server of RicohDocs. Let's take a look at the features of the mobile application −

Preview, Download and Share

Preview − This is an important feature of RicohDocs mobile application that enables the users to preview a particular document. Using this feature, the users can simply take a look at the contents of a specific document, but can't perform any other actions. This feature comes in handy for knowing a particular information.

Download − With the help of the download feature, the users can download a single document and view the content of it. However, one needs to get the permission to perform this action. Without the permission of the administrator or the owner, who is in charge of those documents, one won't be able to download a document.

Share − With the help of this feature, the users can share a document with someone else. Quite interestingly, the users, who are permitted to view and access a document, can share it even with a person who is not given the permission to access it. However, the user will be able to only view the document, and not perform any action. A document can be shared both in the form of an attachment or as an URL.

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History, Check out and Check in

History − With the help of this feature, the users can check the list of actions performed on a single document. They can check when the document was checked out and in, and what edits were made on it. A user can also check when a new upload is done with the help of this feature.

Check out − Check out is an important feature of RicohDocs mobile application that indicates when a specific document is being worked upon. If a document is marked as checked out, it means that a user is working on that particular document, and unless it's checked in, other users can perform limited actions like previewing, downloading, sharing and checking the history, etc. The other users can't move, copy or delete the document when it's checked out.

Check in − Just like a user needs to check out a document for performing actions on it, he needs to check it in, once the desired changes are made. Once the document is finally edited, it should be checked in. Once a document is checked in, a new version will be created for it. There can be two types of versions for a single document − major and minor.

Details, Lock and Unlock

Details − Just as the name suggests, this feature enables the users to check the details of a specific document. With the help of this feature, the users can check when a document was created or edited. A user can also check document type, created by whom, sub document types, version, and status.

Lock − With the help of this feature, a user can lock a document. Once a document is locked, no action can be performed on that. In fact, only the user, who has locked it, can unlock the document. Unless and until a document is unlocked by the specific user, even the administrator can't perform any action on it. This feature is usually used for documents that contain unauthorized content that should not be exposed to anyone.

Unlock − When a document is locked, it can be unlocked with the help of this feature. This helps unlock a document so that a set of actions can be performed on it. Only the user who has locked a document, can unlock it.

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Move, Copy, Delete and Restore

Move − This is an important feature of RicohDocs mobile application using which a particular document can be moved from one location to another. This usually proves to be helpful for moving a set of documents from a particular folder to another.

Copy − With the help of this feature, the users can copy a particular document. This enables them to keep a copy of the content of a specific document.

Delete − If a user needs to delete a particular document from the database, this feature comes in handy. However, there is a two way process of deletion. Once a user deletes a document, it awaits the approval of the administrator.

Restore − Once a document is archived, it stays in the archived folder. In order to bring it back to the folder in which it was originally kept, a user needs to restore it. Once a document is restored, it gets removed from the archive.

Archive, Add Folder, Add File and Mark Favourite

Archive − With the help of this feature, users can archive those documents that are not needed to work upon at that point of time.

Add Folder − RicohDocs mobile application is designed in a way so that the users can keep all the documents in a central repository. With the help of multiple folders the documents can be properly categorized.

Add File − Users can add a file in a particular folder, as and when needed. However, in order to perform this action, the user needs permission from the administrator.

Mark Favourite − This is one of the best features of the RicohDocs mobile application as this allows the users to mark their favourite documents. This enables them to take a quick look at the marked documents at a glance.

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Add Favourite Folder, Edit Details and Manage Folder

Add Favourite Folder − In order to keep all the essential documents within a single folder, the users can add a favourite folder. This allows them to access all the required documents at one go.

Edit Details − This feature allows the users to edit the details of a particular document. The details contain information like the date of creation, the name of the creator and who has edited the documents how many times, and the Metadata etc.

Manage Folder − With the help of this feature, the administrator can manage the security of a folder. The administrator can determine who can view or perform actions on a particular folder. He can also add a group of users or a single user, and permit them to access a specific folder. Using this feature, the administrator can also change the name and descriptions of a folder.

Delete folder, Unmark Favourite and Supported Documents

Delete folder − When a user thinks that there is no need to keep a certain folder, he can delete it. However, just like files, it depends on the approval of the administrator whether or not the folder will be deleted.

Unmark Favourite − In case a user decides to mark a document as not his favourite, he can unmark it. The file or folder that is unmarked from the list of favourite folders, will appear with the other folders and files.

Supported Documents − This is an advanced feature of the RicohDocs mobile application, as this allows the users to add a set of supported documents against a single document. One can attach multiple supported documents for a particular document and all the supported documents appear in the form of a list.

RicohDocs Mobile Apps
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iOS application

This is an application that has been designed for mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. This is equipped with file and folder functionality which enables the users to access all the documents with ease. This mobile application is equipped with all the major features of RicohDocs like preview, version history, etc.

Android application

An Android mobile application of RicohDocs has been designed for mobile devices that run on the Android OS. This application is equipped with file and folder functionality which enables the users to keep all the documents in a central repository. This is a feature rich application and the users can access the different features like version history and preview through this application. It also allows the users to download the files in the offline mode. This means the users can access the files and download those even when there is no internet connection.

The main objective of developing mobile application of this state of the art office automation software is to make it accessible for all the users. In the present era, people across the globe tend to spend a lot of time on their mobile devices and this is why the mobile application of RicohDocs has been designed for both android and iOS platform.

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