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Process Automation

Process automation is one of the key features of RicohDocs, which is a state of the art office automation tool. With the help of this feature, you can automate the flow of business information and documents. The term 'process automation' refers to multiple techniques that help optimize, control and define various business processes that are repeatable.

With the help of this advanced feature of RicohDocs, all the existing business documents can be optimized in the best possible way.

  • A particular workflow is designed for a specific program and several tasks are assigned to the users.

  • The admin can design workflow according to the exact requirement of the process, and thus ensure a streamlined work environment.

  • In case a task is not completed in due time, an escalation matrix can be set up and a mail can be sent to the concerned person regarding the same.

  • At times, the person, to whom the task is assigned, also gets a warning mail if a task is overdue for a long period of time. This ensures the user can complete the task in a timely fashion.

Reminders can also be set up for specific tasks.

  • Notifications can be set for each of the steps of a single process. This ensures a particular process is completed within the scheduled time.

  • Whenever a step is completed the administrator will get a notification regarding the same. After that, he can take the necessary steps and initiate the process further.

  • If needed, the administrator can monitor the entire process. This enables him to notify the concerned user in case there is any mistake committed in the process.

  • Since the admin can monitor the entire process consistently and communicate with the users as and when needed, this ensures there is no delay caused in the process.

Digital and Electronic Documents

With the help of process automation, digital and electronic documents can be attached to a system and multiple tasks can be performed on those documents. In fact, a single workflow, which is a significant part of process automation, can be used to automate multiple documents through multiple users. E-forms can also be attached to workflow and can be used for various purposes.

Dynamic Logics is an additional feature of process automation with the help of which business logic can be incorporated to the workflow.

  • The data about a particular group of people can be specifically mentioned with the help of dynamic logics. This helps maintain a transparency about who can perform what actions.

  • One of the major benefits of dynamic logic is that it's also possible to attach the documents dynamically to an ongoing process.

  • The users can manually intervene in the process if they need to attach some documents. This ensures a process can be completed within due time, without causing any delay.

  • If some changes are made to a particular document, signature verification can also be done on the document either for rejecting or approving the changes.

Process automation is an advanced feature of RicohDocs that allows the users to streamline the entire business process.

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