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Profiling & Metadata

RicohDocs is a leading office automation platform that aims at making the different business processes smoother than ever. Profiling and metadata is one of the most mentionable features of RicohDocs as it enables the users to store all the business documents in an organized way. Since handling different types of documents is an integral part of all businesses, it's of crucial importance to keep those documents in a systematic fashion. The users can just scan the documents and upload those in RicohDocs. This way, they can keep all the documents in a central repository, and access the required information as and when needed.

Profiling and metadata is a feature that makes the process of information retrieval all the more improved. The term metadata refers to the information about a particular document. This includes the type and sub-type of the document, the subject, the tags and also the author of the documents. All these data are collected and referred to as metadata. Based on this metadata, the documents are categorized accordingly.

When it comes to find a specific document, the users can simply refer to the metadata and based on that, they can easily find out the particular document that they are looking for, just within few seconds. Documents that are profiled according to the metadata, can be quickly found. This is why, profiling and metadata is considered to be a user friendly feature of RicohDocs.

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