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Manage your appointments, schedules, tasks and activities in a smart way!

Smart Calendar

Smart Calendar is one of the most innovative features of RicohDocs. This is an advanced platform that enables the users to keep a track of all the tasks, meetings and important assignments. It's quite natural to be extremely busy for all the employees with their work. This is why it's important to keep everything organized. RicohDocs’ Smart Calendar helps track the workflows and all the assigned tasks.

Smart Calendar is considered as an effective feature that helps differentiate the daily tasks according to their importance, and thus, helps one meet all the document management goals.

With the RicohDocs Calendar, you can perform a lot of activities. These include −

  • Schedule meetings and appointments − With RicohDocs' Smart Calendar, one can schedule meetings with the registered users. The simple to use interface makes it really easy to create a meeting. There are four views for scheduling meetings or appointments − timeline view, daily view, weekly view and monthly view − one can set a reminder through any one of these. One can also specify the priorities while creating multiple meetings.

  • View the past, current & future events − Smart Calendar allows the users to view the details of all the past, current and future events, whenever needed. However, only the present and future events can be viewed directly from the widgets, and one needs to refer to the data bank for viewing the past events.

  • Set daily reminders − It's quite difficult to remember all the tasks that one has to perform in the busy schedule of a day. With the help of Smart Calendar, one can set reminder for important appointments or tasks that need to be completed within a given time. It's quite simple to set reminders or create meetings as Smart Calendar has a simple user interface. One just needs to click on a particular time slot, and create the meeting or set the reminder for a task, accordingly.

  • Assign tasks to others − One can also assign tasks to others through Smart Calendar. The assigned tasks can be viewed from the calendar widget right from the dashboard section. Once the person, to whom the task has been assigned, accepts it, the particular date will be blocked in the calendar, at his end.

Simply put, RicohDocs' Smart Calendar is an innovative solution that helps summarize the daily tasks and reminders. It also has a rich, yet simple graphical user interface and this makes managing all these events very easy.

The RicohDocs Smart Calendar which has multiple view options (day, week, month & timeline) helps summarize daily tasks & reminders at a glance and has a rich graphical user interface which makes managing all these events very easy.

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