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About the Industry:

Managing heaps of documents is a challenging task for all government organizations, around the globe. Since effective document management is one of the biggest challenges that government organizations have to face every other day, using an advanced office automation software like RicohDocs can prove to be of huge help.

Most of the government documents contain mission critical data, which need to be kept confidential. While storing these documents manually, it might seem to be a daunting task to keep these secure. This is why RicohDocs has been designed in a way so that it helps keep the documents perfectly safe and secure.

Everywhere from fire, police, and the different public safety departments, to clerks offices, planning offices, administrative office and courts, the new technology of electronic document management helps reduce the frustration of document filing as well as improve compliance with records policies.

Let's take a look at some of the biggest challenges that the government organizations have to face while managing documents and how RicohDocs might prove to be of help −

Retaining information for longer periods:

Most of the documents that the government organizations deal with contain important information. It's important to keep these documents in a sound condition for a long period of time, sometimes, for years. When done manually, it seems to be a huge problem.

How RicohDocs helps:

Being an office automation software, RicohDocs helps scan all types of paper documents. Once digitized, you can store these documents for as long as you wish, without worrying about the maintenance of the documents.

RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

Protecting confidential data:

Government organizations have access to documents that contain sensitive information. This is why it's of crucial importance to safeguard these documents against any kind of threat. But at times, it becomes tough to do the same when done manually.

How RicohDocs helps:

An advanced office automation platform like RicohDocs has been designed with thorough security settings. You can set the security standard of each document, individually. For instance, while giving the access of a specific document to someone, you can allow him to only view, or view and edit the document. In this way, you can restrict the access of all the documents.

Loss of critical data:

Losing physical documents due to a natural or a manmade disaster is quite common a scenario. You can lose all those mission critical data at any point of time. In spite of trying to secure all the documents, you might not be able to ensure the same.

How RicohDocs helps:

With the help of RicohDocs, you can keep all the documents secure, keeping a back-up for all of them. RicohDocs has been equipped with feature like disaster recovery which ensures you can retrieve the data even if there is an initial loss.

RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

Excessive documentation :

Every document that government organizations have to deal with undergo a lot of documentation processes. For instance, each of those needs to be reviewed thoroughly and then approved by the concerned authority.

How RicohDocs helps:

With the help of RicohDocs, you don’t need to handle physical documents at every single step. You can simply get all the processes (review and approval) done online, and thus, keep everything organized.

RicohDocs speeds up the process of information retrieval, improves the efficiency of all the government process that are document based and reduces the storage cost. Using RicohDocs, the government employees can search and retrieve files so that they can make decisions quickly. Moreover, this advanced tool also enables self-service access to all the files through the web. The government organizations can also adhere to all the vital government record policies so that the files are retained and disposed properly.

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