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Small Medium Enterprises:

There is not a single organization that doesn't have to deal with loads of documents as well as business process. In fact, it's those documents that contain the mission critical data and help organizations move forward. These documents need to be kept in an organized way. It's also important to modify, share and transfer these documents following a defined strategy. This is why it's essential to keep these documents in a safe and secure manner so that these can be used in the most accurate way possible to ensure the economic growth of an organization. This is where a state of the art office automation platform like RicohDocs serves to be a smart and effective solution.

RicohDocs is an effective office automation tool of which document management is an integral part. It allows to scan and store different paper documents and keep those organized in a central repository. Using RicohDocs, small and medium businesses can manage the operational files and business records in a paperless way. It also helps channelize the information in a systematic way across the different verticals of a company.

With the help of a smart office automation system like RicohDocs, the SMEs can deliver their services to clients across the globe. It also helps them improve communication, information dissemination and collaboration both internally and externally.

Here are some of the challenges that SMEs face −

Systematic document handling:

One of the major problems that almost all the SMEs have to face is to manage employee records and reports as well as critical data files. Although it might seem to be possible to handle the data manually in the initial phase, with the constantly increasing number of employees, it turns out to be extremely difficult.

How RicohDocs helps:

With the help of a leading office automation tool like RicohDocs, it becomes way easier to manage heaps of documents. When you attempt to store all these documents manually, the process becomes extremely tedious. With the help of RicohDocs, you can rest assured of not only easy storage, but also quick information retrieval. Features like Meta data scan and advanced content search ensure quick information retrieval.

RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

Lack of physical storage space:

When you attempt to store documents manually, you have to ensure a considerable physical space for storing all those data. Moreover, it's also a costly affair to rent and maintain a storage space.

How RicohDocs helps:

With the help of RicohDocs, you can simply scan and store all the documents and keep those in a central repository. This not only helps save the hassle of renting a storage space, but also helps cut the operational cost to a great extent.

RicohDocs Benefits:

Scanning paper documents and converting those into digital ones is of course an environment friendly approach. It offers the added benefit of automating the flow of information and makes it all the more accessible whenever needed. There are a number of benefits of using RicohDocs. These include −

  • Easy storage
  • Centrally controlled access
  • Quick and smooth information retrieval
  • Improved management process
  • Centrally controlled access
  • Reduced cost of resources
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

SMEs can benefit a lot by using a leading office automation platform like RicohDocs. It also allows the employees to focus on the core business areas, as they don't need to invest time or money for controlling or saving documents.

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