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Advantages of RicohDocs


RicohDocs can help you get that extra edge over your competitors!

Advantages of RicohDocs

RicohDocs, a high-performance document management software and an office automation system from Ricoh, offers the power of enterprise document management to mid-sized and large organizations. It's a software that allows the administrators to safeguard the mission critical data against all kinds of odds. With RicohDocs, organizations across the world, can gain control over their documents, with specific focus on quick content retrieval and business process automation.

RicohDocs is developed with a modular approach, so that you can buy only what you need. This ensures the software has been designed in smaller modules, so that the users can opt for exactly what they need and pay for nothing extra. These modules can be created and used independently in different systems.

RicohDocs is a fully customizable solution, so that you can ask for tailor-made features. One of the greatest features of RicohDocs is that it's completely customizable and therefore the users can ask for a specific feature in the system that will help enhance the usability of the software.

Features like easy configuration and drag & drop workflows help you automate all your business processes. RicohDocs is a new age document management software that ensures easy automation process. It's quite easy to configure, which is why no technical expertise or help is needed to handle the workflow.

We offer web APIs, so that you can integrate RicohDocs with your existing applications like ERP, CRM etc. We understand that every business has different intra-organizational model to follow, and hence, they need different application programming interfaces or APIs to integrate their existing applications with the newer ones.

RicohDocs is offered both on Ricoh cloud and on premise. This makes it easier for small, medium and large organizations to opt for this document management solution. Large scale enterprises can afford on premise solutions for storing all the vital documents, while small and mid-sized companies might prefer storing the mission critical data in the cloud.

We offer both digitization services & office automation solutions. RicohDocs allows the users to scan and digitize different types of documents, including purchase order, sales order and other types of documents. RicohDocs also serves to be a complete office automation solution that ensures easy and hassle free channelization of documents across the different departments of an organization. Apart from this, RicohDocs also ensures added security for all the vital business data, as it's equipped with three-tier security system – folder level security, file level security and user level security.

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