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In this modern era of technology, digitizing all your documents is the smartest way to free up resources and scale up productivity!

Document Digitization Services

The world has become tech-savvy with the recent IT boom. Considering this, Ricoh has introduced its document digitizing services to help organizations across the globe go paperless. We help converting your documents into digital formats that can be preserved for a lifetime. Be it any kind of data or document - right from audio, texts, video, images, business cards, periodicals to books - it can be easily digitized and converted into any required format that can be transferred over any media.


Advantages of Digitizing Documents

There are countless benefits of digitizing documents. When you scan and digitize a document, it −

  • Can be easily cloned, accessed and preserved.

  • Can be securely stored

  • Can be quickly retrieved and updated

  • Can be shared or transferred in no time

  • Will be compatible with all the modes of data transfer digitally

  • Can be shared securely − either as an encrypted URL or as an attachment

  • Can be shared both with the registered and non-registered users, based on the requirement

  • Can be updated whenever required − either the meta data or the entire file can be updated

  • Can be searched within a very short span of time, using the key words

Apart from these, automatic versioning is maintained in case of file update

Processes involved in document digitization:

Our digitizing services are carried through three crucial steps - pre-scanning, scanning and post-scanning. All three processes are executed in a strategized manner that ensures quality results. Also, we take care of the security concerns that you have for your business critical documents. A pictorial overview of our services is shown below:

Why Ricoh's Document Digitization Services:

Investing in the digitizing services offered by Ricoh is undoubtedly beneficial. The reasons are −

  • Highly scalable and reliable − All the services that Ricoh offers are absolutely reliable. Moreover, these are also scalable and hence, can meet the varied business requirements.

  • Relatively affordable − As compared to the other document digitization solutions, available in the market, RicohDocs is relatively affordable.

  • Certified and globally recognized − RicohDocs is a world-class document digitization solution that has been certified from different sources. It has also been globally recognized as an effective DMS.

  • Quick and efficient − The software has been designed in a way so that it can easily be operated. It is also equipped with advanced features which make it all the more efficient.

  • Pioneer & global leader in managed document services − RicohDocs has been recognized as a pioneer, leading the industry of managed document services.

  • Company with global support −RicohDocs has extensive global support from leading sources and this helps ensure thorough support to all the users.

  • CMMI level 4, ISO certified company −RicohDocs is an advanced document management solution that comes from the house of a leading organization like Ricoh. It's a CMMI level 4 company. Moreover, it has also been certified by ISO 27001:2013, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 standards.

  • Over a decade of experience −The creative minds who are behind the designing and execution of an advanced software like RicohDocs, have years of hands-on experience in product engineering, technical support and QA/testing.

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