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Document Management System

In the present scenario, most businesses have to deal with paper based documents, which leads to a lot of complications. In order to ensure a smooth business environment, organizations prefer to use office automation systems that enable advanced document management. An advanced office automation system like RicohDocs is a critical asset for every organization to lower risk, reduce operational cost and speed up the processes. As it is equipped with features like document management, it helps scan and store paper documents in different formats and convert those into digitized documents.

With the help of an office automation software you can transform the entire process of managing the business information within your organization. You can perform all the tasks − right from basic operations like information retrieval and document search to complicated functions like document control − with ease. Using RicohDocs, an advanced office automation platform, has a lot of benefits, both for SMBs and large scale organizations. These include −

  • It helps maintain compliance with the regulatory, quality and legal requirements.
  • It helps improve the productivity and efficiency of the business processes.
  • It helps maintain the repeatability and consistency of the different business functions.
  • It helps eliminate the cost of storage, shipping, as well as the paper based costs.
  • It helps ensure faster process cycle times.
  • It helps improve the business continuity planning to a great extent.

RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform that has been designed in a modular approach. This ensures the features of it can be customized based on the varying organizational requirements. It enables effective enterprise document management as every organization can gather all the documents in a central repository with the help of RicohDocs.

RicohDocs also enables electronic document management (EDM).

It's a feature rich office automation tool that enables a wide range of actions. Some of these features include −


Document Scanning

This is probably one of the most important features of RicohDocs. It allows the users to scan all types of documents and convert those into digital files. This, in turn, ensures anyone can access the documents over the web as and when required.

RicohDocs - Secure document management software
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Document Storage

Physical document storage is one of the biggest problems that most organizations come across. It adds to the operational costs and the organization has to hire someone to maintain those files. RicohDocs offers easy storage in cloud where all the files are electronically stored. Since all the documents are kept in a central repository, the users can easily retrieve a specific document with a quick search.

Document Workflow

This helps automate the processes, route the information electronically, and record an audit trail. It's one of the most advanced features of RicohDocs which helps automate the entire business process. A user can simply attach a document into a workflow after designing it, and it will automatically reach to the specific destination. In this way, the entire process can be automated without the manual intervention of any user.

RicohDocs - Secure document management system
RicohDocs - Enterprises document management system

Version Control

With the help of version control, the users can keep a track of all the changes that have been made on a single document. This is a feature that ensures every single change, made on a document, is captured minutely. This ensures the users can refer to these changes whenever needed.

Document Search

RicohDocs is equipped with an advanced search feature which ensures every single document can be traced with just a few clicks. This ensures any of the files can be searched and retrieved, whenever required. Whether it's a search based on the document details or a search based on the content of a document, the users can easily find a document just by typing a few words.

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Apart from these, advanced metadata search is also supported through RicohDocs. This ensures the additional information that comes along with the documents, gets saved through the software. Later on, whenever you search with the metadata, you can access the relevant document instantly.

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