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Hospital Information Management System

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Hospital Information Management System

Ricoh HIMS manage and automates your medical records and documents. It will be easy to keep track of appointments and availability of doctors, hospital rooms, ambulance, OPD etc. over a click. It provides you with robust and secure data storage along with the facility of data backup and recovery.

Ricoh's HIMS provides you several advantages:

  • Easy and quick document retrieval

  • Patients charts and other medical reports are at your fingertips

  • Remote access to all the records related to patients, doctors, medicine, ambulance etc.

  • Smart and easy clinical work flow

  • Security compliance to assure privacy

RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

This hospital information management system includes various functionalities, such as:

  • Registration: To capture all the necessary information related to patient. Healthcare organization can set the fields priorities as mandatory and optional.
  • Help Desk: This module will hold all the track of availability of different hospital services.
  • Pathology Lab: This module will keep track of various samples, test result analysis and reports. It also maintains patient pathology records.
  • Radiology: This module is to configure & cancel test requests and to provide print reports after final test.
  • Doctors: This module is to keep track of doctors, their personal details, list of pending and upcoming patients, procedure prescription, medical prescription, medicine stock availability, treatment plan etc.
  • Tally Integration: This module is to create ledger associated with HIMS by mapping and exporting various details and transactions to Tally.
  • Doctor Fee Management: This module is to calculate and keep record of doctor fee according to different services, hospital share, cash amount and credit amount.
  • HR Management: This module is to keep record of human resource activities like, employee report, roaster creation, salary slip, attendance and leaves record, and so on.
  • OT: This module is to keep record for the different stages of operations, OT schedules, entry & exit timings, several assessment forms etc.
  • Nursing: Nursing module is to track records of ward-wise nurse, bed availability, medicine requisition, progress report entry, etc.
  • OPD Billing: This module is to keep record of discount and billing of consultation service, pathology, radiology, procedure, health package and other services.
  • Pharmacy Management or Material Management System: This module is to keep complete record of items, purchase orders, vendor payments, item consumption, stock availability, sales report, and other assets.
  • MIS Report: This module is to hold overall details, and billing summary of the patients from their registration to discharge.
  • System Admin: Role of this module is to create users with their role, billing rate creation, company, lab, radiology groups, parameter and procedure creation, configuration and management.
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