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Ricoh HRMS Solution allows organizations to automate processes and increase employee engagement.

Human Resource Management System

Ricoh's HRMS is an integrated system that provides useful information to the HR Management so as to make a valuable contribution towards a smart business decision. With this, you can keep a track of all the employees as well as the information related to them including employee demographics, benefits tracking and performance analysis. The benefits that our Human Resource Management System offers are: improved productivity and security, enhanced efficiency, substantial cost savings and intelligent decision-making effectiveness.

Over a period of time, you become over reliant on this particular software and to avoid this altogether to carry out your office responsibilities would be more than mere difficult. Hence, it is extremely important for your document management system/office automation system to have the capacity to allow integration of MS-Office to allow employees to use both side by side.

With MS-Office integration, a RicohDocs option would appear in the navigation menu alongside file, edit etc. So, you do not have to open your DMS portal every time you need to upload a new file, but simply use this option to perform the same. For example, once you are done with updating your funnel for a particular month in an Excel sheet, you do not need to open your browser and subsequently visit your RicohDocs URL. All you can do, with just a click of the mouse, upload the file directly into the central repository by clicking on the RicohDocs tab on the navigation menu.

The only thing that needs to be ensured is that you are connected to the internet. The entire library structure inside your RicohDocs is replicated inside your local as well. Hence, as and when you need to access a particular Excel or Word file, you don't require to open the RicohDocs portal but simply click on Open and search among the library to select the desired file.

All these options lend much needed flexibility and ease of use to the users who may be new to using a document management system. With the work being restricted to one window courtesy this feature, the speed with which your employees can perform a task increases manifold. Be it uploading a file or editing one, you can simply do so without having to even open your browser. Hence, to put it in perspective, availing the feature of MS Office integration along with RicohDocs would go to a large extent of making every procedure even more quick than what you achieve with a regular document management system.

With the word recruitment, a fight with hefty of resumes is the first thing that strikes our mind. This implies towards the need for a solution that can effectively manage the data of all job seekers in a sorted format. At Ricoh, we aim at providing you a solution that will not only help in keeping track of critical information, but will also help in reducing business expenses. And our HRMS solution is serving the purpose in an ideal way.

How our HRMS is useful?

  • Allows posting information about various openings
  • Enables you to screen and search efficiently
  • Helps maintaining database of manpower consultants
  • Helps processing the offers as well as joining
  • Tracking records of reference-check data
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

The consistency of staff in attending work is one of key ingredients to success in any workplace. Ricoh's HRMS has simplified the entire process so that you can easily track the employee's time, absenteeism, holidays, attendance and much more over a click of mouse. In−fact calculating total number of working hours, verification of attendance and report generation are no more considered as tedious jobs. Moreover, you can do all the tasks in real–time from anywhere

How Ricoh's HRMS is helpful?

  • Helps maintaining monthly attendance records
  • Keeps a track of missing records
  • Tracks leave approvals
  • Identifies the employees with maximum absenteeism
  • Helps in report generation and verification

Employee management looks very basic but is significantly important module as it helps laying the foundation of the organization. The building of growth can't stand straight without a strong base. This is what encouraged us to design a solution that helps managing staff from remote location with maximum efficiency and minimal bureaucracy.

Why Ricoh's HRMS?

  • Helps maintaining personal data like education details and skill sets
  • Allows regulating employee-wise duty roaster
  • Keeps a track of reference-check data
  • Manages statistical reporting based on department and location
  • Maintains all the letters issued to employee during work tenure
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

Managing information about leaves is one of the crucial factors that help in the critical processes such as performance management etc. Our technical team has integrated the leave management module with all the requisite features that will not only save you from making additional efforts, but also save time and money that you used to spend on administration. All the process like leave application, leave balance management and tracking the complete information is made easy as click with Ricoh's HRMS.

Why Ricoh's HRMS?

  • Helps tracking all the information regarding shift management
  • Manages leaves requests
  • Allows leave integration
  • Helps configuring holidays list as per your location
  • Maintains leave reports

Paying employees on–time with ease seems to be an issue for lot of companies even in the modern-day tech–savvy work environment. The complete process of tax deduction, Over-time pay calculation etc can be done in minimal time. In addition to this, the pay–slips will be automatically generated and mass e–mailed on the time of salary release. Moreover, you can achieve the employee satisfaction with such a transparent pay calculation system.

Why Ricoh's HRMS?

  • Keeps a track of monthly payroll transactions
  • Helps calculating arrears
  • Evaluates leave regularization
  • Sends mass e-mails of pay-slips
  • Tracks the loans and advances for accurate deductions
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

At Ricoh, we understand the significance of the core functions carried out by HR hence designed our solution with all the necessary modules. One of the generally ignored modules is Analytics. Analyzing and interpreting the HR data available is of utmost importance for strategized planning, making decisions and offering complete support to the management team. Credit goes to our team's out−of−the−box thinking that enabled us to bring such an effective solution to you.

Why Ricoh's HRMS?

  • Monitors the workforce effectively
  • Co-relates critical information with operational measures
  • Measures metrics for scaling effectiveness in functions
  • Enhance visibility to global data of HR for improved management
  • Perform timely analysis for increased retention and tenure

Appraisals and training are considered as significant tools for the employee development base. Appraisals help in identifying the top performers of the company for ensuring the most productive delivery of promotions as well as pay raises. Similarly, training management helps identifying the weaknesses' of a potential employee so that he can be taught with the better tactics for individual as well as organizational growth.

How Ricoh's HRMS is advantageous?

  • Assist in objectives and goal setting process
  • Provides 360 degree performance appraisal support
  • Identifies training needs and helps scheduling the sessions
  • Helps tracking the total costs of training and feedback
  • Defining targets and rating overall performance
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

Managing travel reimbursements aptly helps realizing the real gains as administering expenses timely and accurately is the only way to calculate your actual income saved. The travel reimbursement module in Ricoh's HRMS enables any organization as well as its individuals to offer a timely expenditure report conveniently whenever required. We integrated this module acknowledging the fact that it is not only about budget consolidations and deductions; it is rather managing corporate travel expense without compromising on quality and productivity aspect.

How Ricoh's HRMS is useful?

  • Allows the travel requisition
  • Helps claiming the travel expense without any hassles
  • Keeps the track of travel expense claim history
  • Induce more systemization in the processes of expense approvals
  • Enhances the speed with mouse-click process flow.
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