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Ricoh's Intelligent Learning Management System To Help Your Workforce Grow and Stay Ahead

Ricoh's Learning Management System

Organizations always look for engaging activities so that employees can also grow along. Conducting training sessions on personal as well as professional development is one of most preferable choices of modern business world to keep employees ready for the continuous race of survival in era of cut-throat competition. The concern here is accessibility as sometimes it tends to be a difficult job to visit and attend training physically.

Why worry? We, at Ricoh, are committed to deliver most revolutionizing solutions at your bay. For sorting this concern to root, we brought our interactive learning management system with the flexibility of usage. Our team of experts focused on every minute requirement for learning management systems that organizations have and designed a robust LMS for delivering the effective learning to today’s mobile workforce.

Explore Ricoh's LMS Offerings

Instilling the culture of learning has become more a necessity in fast-growing business world. Acknowledging this necessity, Ricoh's LMS is intelligently designed with:

  • Multi-lingual support that allows employees to learn and grow with their native language.
  • Automated alerts on SMS and e-mail to keep your employees intimated.
  • Role-based accessibility
  • Facility of calendaring, mapping and tracking of the class-room training.
  • Efficient data flow among different organizational units
  • Identification functionality to discover role-specific training needs.
  • E-enabled and animation based training module

There are many other technical and non-technical features to benefit your employees and organization on the whole.

RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

Components of Ricoh's LMS

The training environment that Ricoh's learning management system offers comes with advantages of:

  • Talking Pages
  • Gamified LMS
  • Knowledge Fusion Plus (KFP)
  • Off-the-shelf Courses
  • Role-play Stimulators
  • Audio/Visual Learning content etc.

There are many other technical and non-technical features to benefit your employees and organization on the whole.

Our highly customizable learning management system will surely add value to the efficiency and productivity of your workforce. Hence, enable quick knowledge transfer and in-depth understanding with virtual classrooms and recordings of Ricoh's LMS.

Ricoh's LMS- Empower Your Workforce to Learn at Comfort of Their Space!

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