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RicohDocs not only helps you store all your important data but it also helps you in storing the 'Data of Data' on a single repository!

Metadata Scanning

Meta data scanning is one of the features which make an online document management system a comprehensive solution for business organizations who are trying to automate in-house procedures.

However, before we delve into what metadata scanning is, we need to understand what the term 'metadata' means. According to Wikipedia, the term refers to "data about data". With most information becoming digitized, it is important that metadata is added to the documents before being uploaded to the central server for future reference.

Metadata includes the means of creation of the data, purpose of the data, the date and time of creation, the author, location in the local computer and the standards used to create the same. The metadata of all the documents are stored in a database called the metadata registry which basically points or refers to the document but does not itself explain the content of the same.

It is, therefore, important scan the metadata of the documents while they are uploaded into the central repository and update the same in the metadata registry. It becomes increasingly difficult to find relevant information or documents when the number of documents in the server is extremely high. With proper metadata scanning and tagging, it becomes increasingly easier to retrieve documents with an instant click.

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