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Instead of Manual Intervention, let our OCR module help you in the input of textual information from the scanned images!

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is the process of reading or detecting texts from images, pdf files, scanned images, text files, etc. This technology is a huge leap in the field of optical science and automation. Rather than entering textual data manually, OCR is being used nowadays for quicker and efficient output. More often than not, we encounter situations where our photo identity and address proofs, etc are asked for. They are then scanned and uploaded into the system, from where the data gets automatically transferred into the database.

What happens internally is that, the OCR technology reads the data from the scanned images and picks them up. Then they are sent to the database. The whole system is intelligent enough to pick up only the texts and nothing else. The advantage of this technology is that it saves a lot of paperwork and manual work as well. Speeding up the entire data entry process, it increases the efficiency. No matter what type of printed text it is, OCR will read it provided the text is clear. Unclear and incomplete texts go undetected by OCR. So it will be a mistake to think that this technology can read anything and everything.

The usage of OCR is manifold. Data read with OCR can be searched, edited, stored or used for some other purpose as well. For example the new Smartphone's has the capability of converting text to speech with the help of OCR only. Translating of scripts, e-books and articles using this technology is rapidly becoming familiar and its significance lies in the fact that almost all the recent technological creations has this feature. The commercial use of OCR began in the 1970's when Ray Kurzwell designed software which could read printed text no matter which font it is. This application was modified and developed into software that will help the blind. It had the capacity to read out loud texts which was of great help to blind people.

Over the ages, OCR has undergone a lot of modification and up gradation and now it is a part of 'intelligent' systems capable of reading a varied number of fonts. With comparatively a higher degree of accuracy than its previous counterparts, the new age OCR solutions are used in Document management solutions, operating systems, data mining and other commercial purpose.

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