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RicohDocs is a complete Office Automation solution that helps you manage your documents efficiently and Streamline & Automate your Business Processes.

RicohDocs Office Automation Platform

Ricohdocs is a state of the art office automation solution that helps ease the workload with the help of different hardware and software solutions. Like other office automation tools, RicohDocs helps reduce the involvement of the professionals in the mundane regular tasks. It helps organize the process of documentation and record creation. As an advanced office automation tool, RicohDocs has several aspects as it helps in process automation using workflow, document management and records management.


Process automation using workflow

Process automation using workflow − With the help of document workflow, users can create simple and sophisticated document workflow procedures. These help structure the file and document based tasks and automate all the work processes.

  • RicohDocs enables people to create, receive, review, approve and route documents.

  • This tool also allows people to store information electronically in a systematic way and keep all the other users informed about the recent changes. This helps improve the productivity and reduce the chances of errors.

Process automation tool

With a process automation tool like RicohDocs, the users can create repeatable, definable and automated business processes.

  • It supports end to end business process management and the improvement of processes.

  • The different types of workflow automation include expense reporting, quality procedures and document change control, submittals and approvals, review processes, HR procedures and workforce training.

Records management

Records management − This is another important aspect of RicohDocs which is a leading office automation software. The software helps reduce the risk of document loss or misplacement as it enables the users to identify, capture and store the business records, following the record management policies of the company.

  • RicohDocs helps in managing official records and business processes.

  • It enforces document retention and business records management according to the exact requirements of an organization.

  • With the help of this advanced office automation tool, you can manage email messages, files and different types of documents according to the defined policies of records management.

  • You can also design procedures that help implement consistent business practices, capture the log of activity and secure all the mission critical data.

Document management

Document management −is one of the most important aspects of RicohDocs, which is a leading office automation software.

  • It offers all the methods that are needed to manage, secure, share and capture different types of information and documents within an organization.

  • The different types of documents that one can scan and store using RicohDocs, include images, email messages, electronic forms and scanned paper documents.

  • Any kind of files, converted paper documents and electronic files can be managed with the help of RicohDocs.

RicohDocs helps transform how the entire business information is managed at your organization. Right from the basic operations like retrieval and search, to complicated functions like regulatory document control, you can manage all the functions with the help of RicohDocs. It not only helps improve the productivity and efficiency of the different business processes, but also enables organizations to maintain compliance with legal, quality and regulatory requirements.

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