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Does the very idea of losing your documents gives you goose bumps? Don't worry, RicohDocs is here to free you from your night mares. See your office transform before your eyes!

Paperless Office

Paper is an integral component of any and every office environment. Irrespective of the industry that an organization belongs to, it produces a vast amount of paper every day. It's undoubtedly true that managing the vast amount of papers is a time consuming and difficult task. Moreover, it also requires a lot of physical storage and huge operational costs to keep all the hard copies of the documents. This is why businesses prefer to follow the trend of setting up a paperless office. RicohDocs is an advanced document management system that enables the users to replace the hard copy documents with digitized documents.

Keeping the varied requirements of organizations in mind, RicohDocs has been designed in a way so that it helps establish a paperless office in an effective way. With an easy to use system like RicohDocs, making digitized version of documents is cost effective, time saving and absolutely simple.

A state of the art document management software like RicohDocs also helps reduce the usage of paper and thus helps organizations become environment friendly.

How RicohDocs helps establish a paperless office?

  • Exceptionally fast access to information − With the help of RicohDocs, you can scan and store the digitized versions of all the important documents together, in a central repository. This allows you to access all the vital information whenever needed. If you attempt to look for a specific document, manually, it will surely take a lot of time.

  • Space saving and cost −effective − When you have to rent a physical space to store heaps of documents, it not only costs you a lot, but also takes a lot of effort to manage all the documents. An advanced DMS like RicohDocs allows you to keep all the documents in an organized way, without wasting any physical space.

  • Smart search − RicohDocs is a feature-rich software that has been designed keeping the varied usage in mind. Advanced search or smart search is a feature that enables the users to find a particular document in no time. One can simply create different search strings, in order to narrow down the search process while looking for a specific document.

  • Improved & heightened security − One of the best features of RicohDocs is that it ensures improved security to all the documents, stored in it. With a three−tier security model − folder level, user level and file level − all your vital business information are absolutely safe in a DMS like RicohDocs.

  • Disaster recovery − Once you scan and store all the mission critical data in RicohDocs, you can rest assured about the disaster recovery of all those documents. Unlike the hard copy of the documents, you will always be able to access the backup version.

  • Wide web access − When you store documents in RicohDocs, you can access these from different sources − be it your home, or office, you can easily access all these documents. In fact, you can also access these documents from remote locations.

  • Share documents with the click of a button − RicohDocs allows you to share the documents just with a single click, as it allows easy sharing process.

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