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Workflow Management

Automated workflow is an important feature of RicohDocs, a state of the art office automation platform. It helps automate all the document centric processes, improving the productivity and efficiency of the life cycle processes of all the documents. RicohDocs is equipped with a smart workflow design which enables the users to model their business processes. It offers a lot of advanced features like notification, escalation, management and multiple routing. These help save money and time by moving the documents electronically across the different departments of an organization.

Once a workflow is designed, it's automatically dragged in the process of workflow. This is referred to as predefined workflow.

E-Form builder

E-Form builder is an advance sub-feature of Automatic Workflow. With the help of this feature, users can design web-based e-forms using drag and drop options. This feature supports all the standard web controls like text box, video buttons, drop down box, multi-line text, file uploader, date control etc. In fact, users can also generate JavaScript and HTML code for designing these e-forms.


One of the greatest advantages of automated workflow is that it ensures automatic and smooth channelization of documents, and thus leads to a hassle-free work environment.

  • The automated workflow of RicohDocs has a rich, yet intuitive graphical user interface.

  • Creating tasks and assigning those to the users can be easily done through this rich graphical user interface.

  • RicohDocs provides the reviewers with a personalized list of all their reviewed documents and approved tasks. Going by this list, the users can easily review all the assigned tasks.

This is why automated workflow is considered to be an important feature of RicohDocs.

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