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Healthcare is an industry that has to deal with a wide number of people, and as a result of that, there are vast amount of papers that they have to manage. Patient notes, healthcare files, billing records and charts are only to name a few of the documents that they have to manage. The daunting task of managing papers can be handled better with an advanced office automation tool like RicohDocs. It's an advanced software that helps scan and store all the paper documents in an organized way.

Each and every nursing home, hospital and pharmaceutical company has to deal with extremely sensitive data. They also have to handle a lot of processes for managing, storing and using the documents. While managing the entire process manually, the professionals have to undergo a lot of complications. Smart office automation solutions like RicohDocs proves to be of great help in situations like these. RicohDocs helps convert and manage different paper files and the digitized documents become completely text searchable. The users can manage these documents together with the electronic documents. The files can also be organized and categorized using different criterion like patient record number, medical coding and any other metadata value.

Using RicohDocs, the medical professionals can accelerate the process of patient and insurance billing. Using features like document security, they can also restrict the access to medical records so that compliance with the different healthcare regulations are maintained.

Let's take a look at some of the major challenges that the healthcare industry has to face when it comes to document management.

Efficient document management :

One of the major challenges that the healthcare organizations face is to manage all the information and data efficiently. When done manually, it might seem to be a daunting task to manage all the mission critical data in an organized way.

How RicohDocs helps :

RicohDocs is an advanced office automation software that not only helps manage the audit trails, the information, generated in a daily basis and track control, but also cut the operational cost that is associated with the process of distributing papers, across the different departments. Since all the files are kept in a central repository, you can access any file, at any time.

RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform
RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

Maintaining the security of documents:

It's a huge challenge for all the healthcare organizations to keep the important documents safe and secure. Documents related to patient treatment and consultation, contain sensitive information and these should not be accessed by all. It's indeed difficult to maintain the security of physical documents.

How RicohDocs helps:

RicohDocs has been designed with advanced security feature that helps safeguard the documents. It also enables the users to change the security settings according to the requirements. For instance, one can only view a document or view and edit a document, based on the permission given.

Wrong data input:

There are thousand and one information that needs to be documented in a healthcare organization. While entering these data manually, there are chances that similar information will be entered repetitively. This leads to re-iterations, repeated inaccuracies and data inconsistency.

How RicohDocs helps:

With the help of RicohDocs one can enter the correct data on one go and can avoid repetitive data entry, making the processes quick and flawless.

RicohDocs is an advanced office automation platform

RicohDocs also helps in quick information retrieval and helps one find a particular document within a very short span of time. One can also track the changes that have been made to a particular document with the help of a feature called version control.

With the help of RicohDocs, the professionals can scan the consent forms, identification and insurance cards of patients. They can also capture and convert the doctors' charts, consultation notes and transfer orders. Simply put, with the help of a state of the art office automation software like RicohDocs, the healthcare industry can improve the services to a great extent.

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